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$5.2 million proposed to eliminate PFAs in water

NORTH ATTLEBORO - The removal of polyfluoroalkyls (PFAs) in town water was addressed by Town Manager Michael Borg during Monday night’s meeting of the town council.

Borg, Town Treasurer Chris Sweet and DPW Director Mark Hollowell spoke in favor of bonding $5.2 million for Phase I of the design and construction of a facility that would handle the filtration and inject fluoride.

Click the first video below to stream their comments and the council's vote.

State Representative Adam Scanlon met with councilors during their meeting Monday night.

The first term legislator reported on aid the town has received through the state and progress made on other bills that would benefit the town and its residents.

Click the second video below to stream Scanlon's report to the council.

Monday’s town council meeting can be seen in its entirety through Thursday on North TV’s Government Channel: Comcast channel 98.

Check the times the meeting will be replayed by clicking here: https://government.northtv.net/schedule

The town council meeting can also be streamed by clicking here: https://government.northtv.net/town-council