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Christmas is for Kids ready to go

ATTLEBORO - We are less than a week away from Thanksgiving Day, high school football and the return of family gatherings.

This year's holiday is unique in that it also marks one month until Christmas Day.

While there is still plenty of time for holiday shopping, time is running out for the elves volunteering their time for the Greater Attleboro Council’s Christmas is for Kids.

Crews are working double shifts in the building that once housed Attleboro High School and the city’s Brennan Middle School in order to make sure the day is special for all area children.

North TV sat down this week with the head elf, Christmas is for Kids Chair Kelly Fox, for a special edition of “Inside Look.” She told us what is always needed, especially as the deadline approaches.

Click the video below to stream the interview.

That edition of "Inside Look" can be seen in its entirety on North TV’s Government Channel: Comcast channel 98 and Verizon channel 23.

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"Inside Look: Christmas is for Kids" will also run on North TV's Community Channel: Comcast channel 15 and Verizon channel 24 beginning Monday, November 29.