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Should girls' rules mirror the boys?

NORTH ATTLEBORO - If you watch high school games during the spring sports season on North TV, you’ve surely noticed the difference between boys’ lacrosse and the girls’ game.

Boys' lacrosse is much more physical with the players wearing helmets, shoulder pads and hockey-like gloves. The girls simply wear goggles and contact is prohibited.

The girls’ version of ice hockey is also different with checking limited.

Is it time to let the girls play by the same rules as the boys? It’s a question asked of North TV’s Del Malloy, Jared Ware and Mark Farinella, along with WARA radio’s Paul Healy during a recording of “Up for Discussion: Spring Sports Edition.”

Click the video below to stream their answers.

Other topics included which spring high school team is most likely to win a state championship, the Celtics chances of winning the NBA title, the interest Red Sox owner John Henry has in winning a World Series and whether or not it’s time for Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick to part ways.

That edition of “Up for Discussion” is currently running on North TV’s Community Channel: Comcast channel 15 and Verizon channel 24 in North Attleboro and Comcast channel 11 in Plainville.

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