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Select board votes on precinct changes, marijuana

PLAINVILLE - The town's voting precincts have changed as a result of last year’s U.S. census.

Town Clerk Ellen Robertson detailed the required changes to members of the select board during their meeting on Monday night.

The board also approved a request by Shine Delivery Service about their plans for marijuana delivery from Apotho Therapeutics, located on Route 1 in town.

Click below to stream highlights of the precints and delivery portions of Monday's meeting.

The meeting of the select board can be seen in its entirety through Thursday on North TV’s Plainville Channel: Comcast channel 8.

Click here for times: https://plainville.northtv.net/schedule

The select board meeting can also be streamed by clicking here: https://plainville.northtv.net/plainville-board-of-selectmen/plainville-select-board-9-27-21